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Since updating to Ver. 62 the Crash Reporter keeps appearing every time I quit Firefox - Why?

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Since the upgrade to Ver 62 was applied every time I launch Firefox, use it for any length of time then quit it successfully, the crash reporter appears. I have changed nothing else on the computer - as far as installation of software is concerned. I have not loaded or used anything browser related that I was not using before the new version of Firefox was loaded. I am getting fed up with this string of Crash Reporter windows appearing after every trip to the browser from my email client or anywhere else. If I knew how to turn it off, I would but then I would not be able to send a report if Firefox was to genuinely crash; something that rarely happens but is not unknown. My praiseworthy experience of Firefox over many years since previously using Netscape Navigator is being soured by this behaviour.

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@ dkon1000 Only the tread owner (creator) can select a reply as 'solved the problem' and since you aren't then you won't see this item in the side menu.

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