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How do I get an answer from support? My topic IS NOT covered here.

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None of these pages cover my topic but all you can seem to do is keep sending me to different effin pages. SO ONE MORE TIME. I DELETED MY FIREFOX PROFILE FROM MY COMPUTER BY ACCIDENT. IT IS NO LONGER THERE I CAN NOT REPAIR IT BECAUSE IT IS NO LONGER THERE. FIREFOX WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE IT CAN'T FIND MY PROFILE (well what was your first clue Col. Mustard?) ALL OF THE SUPPORT PAGES EXPLAIN HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM BY GOING TO MY PROFILE.... IT'S NOT THERE. IT HAS BEEN DELETED!!! Now I have tried uninstalling firefox. and then downloading and installing a new version.....IT STILL WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE IT CANNOT FIND MY PROFILE, BECAUSE MY PROFILE HAS BEEN DELETED.

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I am sorry to hear that, hopefully I can help.

From what you are saying, unless you have a backup of the profile, the chances of being able to rescue bookmarks and passwords is very slim.

To get Firefox working, the most straightforward route would be to start from scratch:

  1. Using the browser you have entered this support request with, go to https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/all/ and download the version of Firefox you require, but do not install it.
  2. Uninstall Firefox from your computer.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Install Firefox from the file you downloaded in step 1 above. This will force a clean install and make a new profile for you.

I hope that this helps, but if not, pease come back here and we can look into a different solution for you.