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Multiple Extensions creating moz-extension History entries when enabled

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Four separate Firefox extensions have started generating History entries starting "moz-extension:" and ending "/_blank.html"

This seems to occur on startup, or immediately I enable an individual extension.

The extensions in question are Web of Trust, Disconnect, I Don't Care About Cookies and Behind The Overlay.

All four seem to have started doing this at around the same time. The extensions still appear to be functioning OK (WOT & BTO certainly)

I haven't recently updated FF - in fact, because this machine runs legacy software under an older OS version (Mac OS 10.6.8) the FF version is unavoidably out-of-date (48.0.2)

Is there anything I can reset or any prefs I can delete that might put an end to this behaviour - and is it something I should be worried about?

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I think it's normal for an extension page that appears in a regular tab (instead of an address bar drop-down panel) to end up in history. If those start showing up without ever actually appearing in a tab, that would be odd.

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No extension pages actually appear. As soon as I launch Firefox those four items appear in the History, even though it is cleared automatically on shutdown -

moz-extension://7f8b8ee2-e613-9b4d-8304-3ce8c0f09b7b/_blank.html moz-extension://b60ce88d-fedb-cb4c-b9e1-a9e886fa0019/_blank.html moz-extension://1422387a-8d9e-ad49-89b3-e922a7a5ebb4/_blank.html moz-extension://95a665b9-7933-e342-8f98-bfd8476c9be1/_blank.html

The only tab open is whatever my home page is set to.