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Hello :) I would like to submit a suggestion. On my PC, cookies blocking is activated and I created a whitelist. Despite the presence of the URLs of some sites in this Exceptions list, the pages do not open. This is the case for me on banking sites! I then have to go back to Options / Privacy to disable the blocking and, after, going back for the reverse operation. The navigation would be really facilitated if there was a button, such as the AdBlock addon, to immediately enable or disable the blocking of cookies. Best regards

NB I learned to be lazy to save time for my work.

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The problem may be that 3rd party cookies are needed on those sites. As a test, enable 3rd party. Any better?

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Firefox shows a notch on the Control Center 'i' icon when changes have been made to the default setting. There should be a X present to disable this permission. Alternatively you can use these steps"

  • click the Control Center 'i' icon at the left end of the location/address bar
  • click the arrow to expand the security message
  • click "More Information" to open "Tools -> Page Info"
  • click "Permissions" to inspect and modify permissions
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Hello, Thank you for this interesting information on a function definitely useful. Nevertheless, that does not really answer my wish. I will try to be more precise (in my approximate English). Imagine the situation: - my PC is protected by an Internet Security which recommends to me to permanently activate the blocking of cookies when I surf on internet. - on informative sites, usually no problem - but there are sites that do not open if cookies are blocked - for example on shopping sites: no page opens - also on banking websites My suggestion is to have a simple button (icon) on the browser page to enable or disable the blocking of cookies. This would avoid: - clic on Menu/Tools - clic on Options - clic on Privacy and Security - clic on Accept cookies and site data - return to the original page - and refresh it to continue. For a similar example, I have a simple icon on my desktop that allows me to enable or disable the internet connexion. In my humble opinion, this should be a good service to all sufers. In the hope that a solution exists or is found ... BEst regards

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HI, yes understand your issue. You can make your Suggestion by going to the 3 Bar Menu and then Help --> Submit Feedback and it will be reviewed by a team.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Hi, thanks for your message.

I would like to clarify that: - I work with the last French version of Firefox - I already reported the case in the French forum - this forum has sent me back to yours. To follow your message, I did not find Submit feedback in 3Bar Menu / Help. In the attached picture, here is the menu I find.

Do you have another idea to send my suggestion to a specialized team?

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To submit suggestions for new or changed features, may I suggest: Feedback: https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/FirefoxInput/ and/or For Extensions https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/add-ons

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Many thanks pkshadow  :)

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What security software do you have that it recommends disabling cookies?

If you block all cookies then you need to create a cookie allow exception with the correct protocol and domain for domains that require cookies to work properly. Note that it isn't recommended to block all cookies because almost all websites need cookies to work properly.

You can let the Cookies expire when Firefox is closed to make them session cookies instead of using "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear the cookies or disable cookies.

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security
    Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history" -> Cookies: Keep until: "I close Firefox"

You can create an "Allow" exception to keep specific cookies.

You can disable third-party cookies via Options/Preferences and make these cookies work as session cookies. You can set network.cookie.thirdparty.sessionOnly to true on the about:config page to make third-party cookies behave as session cookies that expire when Firefox is closed.