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Disable "File Already Exists Do You Want To Replace" Confirmation

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I have automated FF to repeatedly save web pages as .txt files via the use of Selenium and VB. However, if I attempt to save a web-page as the same name as one already saved I get the warning "file.name already exists. Do you want to replace it?"

I have tried to disable this overwrite-confirmation via the about:config settings (and everything else I can think of) with no success.

Is there a way to silently overwrite files having the same name within a given directory.

Note: I am using FF version 40.0 as newer versions (somewhere between 40 and 50) do not play nicely with Selenium.

Thank you kindly,


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I threw this in as a work around....

If Not Dir(strSaveInFolder & strSaveAsName) = vbNullString Then

     Kill strSaveInFolder & strSaveAsName

End If

But, I'd still love to know if there is a way to do this in FF as it would be cleaner.


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The warning "file name already exists" is there in case someone makes a misteak, missteak, err......mistake.

You could always just press the "Yes" choice to overwrite the old.