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Each new version will not work on my machine. I'm forced to stick with version 56.0.2

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I (and most of my coworkers) use a Windows 7 laptop. Any version of Firefox after 56.0.2 simply will not open. We must either use 56.0.2 (which is a security risk, per the Mozilla website) or we have to switch to Chrome or IE. For many years, I have used Firefox (and use the latest version on my home computers), so all my bookmarks and processes are based on this browser. Every posted solution either requires me to make changes to the latest update (which won't open, so I can't change it) or it goes to a technical level that I can't handle. I've seen many posts about this problem (or similar), but apparently, it's not something that mozilla can fix, since I've loaded each new version as they come out, with the same result and have to reinstall the 56.0.2 version. Rather than losing a growing group of customers, if someone has a fix for this, let me know and more importantly, let mozilla know, so they can update the next version and bring us back!

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As for using previous versions, it would be better to switch to Firefox ESR rather than sticking to 56 since that’s still being updated.

For your issue about not being able to run higher versions, please have a look at the Updating processor microcode support article and check the microcode revision of your (Intel?) CPU. That’s mainly about crashes on 57+ versions, but perhaps a BIOS update can fix the startup issue for you nevertheless.

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Note that some extensions may require Firefox 54 or later, so first check whether your extensions support Firefox 52.

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Some problems occur when your Internet security program was set to trust the previous version of Firefox, but no longer recognizes your updated version as trusted. Now how to fix the problem: To allow Firefox to connect to the Internet again;

  • Make sure your Internet security software is up-to-date (i.e. you are running the latest version).
  • Remove Firefox from your program's list of trusted or recognized programs. For detailed instructions, see

Configure firewalls so that Firefox can access the Internet. {web link}

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Looking at your similar question posted 4 weeks ago and left unanswered, please be so kind to provide us with more information. You cannot expect us to help out by guessing what would help just by telling "Firefox does not work" in a forum.

Can you provide some system specs, status of Windows updates, and any security or antivirus software, possibly equipped with a "virtual browsing" feature? Does it run when you launch Windows in its Safe Mode with networking enabled? Given that you speak about co-workers, I wouldn’t be surprised if security software or some policy is blocking something.

Also see the Firefox won't start - find solutions support article.

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Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, my limited IT knowledge and access to the machine (I'm not an administrator on my laptop) limits my ability to understand or try most of these solutions. My IT days were when DOS was common and Novell Netware and 10-base-T was big in networking. Now, I'm more of an Excel poweruser, not an IT guy. I'll see if I can get someone from our IT department to investigate these possible solutions.

(from what I can tell, the processor microcode is below the requirement).

As a user of Firefox (or any software, for that matter), if they make "improvements" that wipe out access for a group of customers, but don't identify that it could happen or offer the work-around at the time of "upgrade", it's a bad-business model. The new "features" are more like new "bugs".

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smartel47 said

Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, my limited IT knowledge and access to the machine (I'm not an administrator on my laptop) limits my ability to understand or try most of these solutions.

This is a problem if your not the Admin/Owner on the system giving you help is next to impossible since you will not be allowed to make changes if need be to fix the problem. If you can't do it then you need to take it to a computer shop to resolve the problem.