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Possibly Quantum? Issues with Discord Voice Chat and Viz streaming that disappear on other browsers... Anyone else experiencing this?

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Hi all! I am experiencing some issues after I upgraded to Quantum, and I'm hoping that maybe you all have some idea of how to fix the issue because I don't want to have to switch browsers (so far the only fix I have).

First, I keep trying to stream episodes off Viz/Hulu, and it keeps giving me an error that tells me to turn off my Ad Block and refresh. I don't have Ad Block enabled, but when I refresh I get the same error. The error disappears in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, where I do have Ad Block or similar enabled.

The next issue I have encountered is with Discord. I tried to join a voice chat session, but could not hear anyone's voice, though they could hear mine fine. Again, this issue disappeared in Chrome and Edge.

I really don't want to have to switch browsers, because I love Firefox, but I just need to know if this is a Quantum problem and if I need to revert back to an older version of firefox.

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Thanks for the update! That does help some, but I'd like to warn that Google Chrome actually no longer works (per a fellow discord user in voice chat yesterday who complained that the desktop app is the only available option now) so hopefully the team can get on top of things soon!

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