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Android Status Bar White

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With the latest update the Android Status Bar is always white while Firefox is in the foreground. This I especially annoying when activating Reading Mode in the browser. I found this Reddit thread on the matter: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/7djaw5/is_it_possible_to_make_the_address_bar_android/

According to the Reddit thread this is a known issue and the fix is to wait for the next release when one can select a theme to control this specific UI element. Is this accurate? If so, is there a specific, official dark theme that will be recommended instead users having to wade through the mess of themes from various parties? It seems silly to have to apply a theme for something so basic. Is there any other way to change it now, maybe with a config parameter? Why was this even changed in the first place?

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You should be able to change it now using a theme from addons.mozilla.org.

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That's where I started. Is there a specific theme you know will make the Android OS status bar black using FF 57? The few I tried didn't change the status bar. Then I found the Reddit thread where someone states that none of the themes will be able to do this until version 58.

Also, just to be clear, I can get FF 57 to make the Android OS status bar black in at least two scenarios: 1. View the open tabs list (as also mentioned in the Reddit thread) 2. Create a private browsing tab

While the first option doesn't allow for actual browsing, the second will allow you to browse with a black status bar. Again, the desire is to have this behavior for regular browsing as well.

Seburo said

You should be able to change it now using a theme from addons.mozilla.org.