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Thunderbird Version 57.0beta comments "Edit as New Message" format changes

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TB Beta Notes page says: "Edit As New Message" will now use the account's default compose format, either HTML or plain text ignoring the format of the message. Plain text messages will be converted to HTML and vice versa. Then using the modifier, the format choice will be reverted.

Please clarify how I leave the message format as is (shift key down, ...) , OR make this NOT the default behavior. I personally find this to be a bad idea as if I want to "forward" a page with HTML, I really don't want TB to modify the the page format.

Pls notify me at

edited email from public and spambots as nobody here does one on one support by email.

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Have you modified the default of compose in HTML and Plain text. If not the change has zero impact on you.

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I have the Text format set to send in plain text if possible, and one domain that must receive messages in plain text.

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The comment appears to be about the "Edit as new" option. Do you anticipate using that to forward or reply to a message?