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Is anyone looking into the latest version of Firefox? Every computer it is installed on in my computer continues to freeze until I hard kill it in TaskManager.

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The latest update as of November 16, 2017 seems to have very many issues.

My entire company uses Firefox either as their default browser or a secondary browser and ever since the forced update their Firefox keeps freezing; running up 100% of their CPU until I can finally get in and manually kill firefox and then restart in safe mode.

I have even went back and installed the previous versions on their machine and turned off automatic update but it didn't seem to take as it eventually freezes up and then installs the update and updates to the latest version and then again it crashes the CPU utilizing over 70% of the CPU on it's the entire CPU to be at 100%.

This has to be happening to other people as it doesn't matter what computer this is on and what programs they are running, the new version of Firefox is causing extreme problems.

Please let me know if this is being addressed.

I have restarted in safemode. I have uninstalled/disabled all add-ons/extions. I have installed previous versions (which work fine until a forced update even when set to "not update").

This occurs on all Windows Computers that it is installed on.

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hi DanielMoore, if it is affecting all your systems - do they have any particular configuration in common (perhaps a particular security software, is it fully up to date)? can you please check if it may be due to external interference by booting a system into window safe mode (with networking) once to test how firefox is behaving there...

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Hi Phillip.

I would like to apologize in advance.

I am not sure that rebooting Windows into SafeMode would have much of an impact as like I have stated, Firefox worked just fine with the previous version and minimal to no issues.

All computers have the latest updates and patches.

If you would like me to boot into safe mode on one computer and test I will.

Please note again, the issue isn't present when the latest version of Firefox is in safemode; however, when I manually disable and remove all extensions, add-ons, and themes, the issue doesn't fix and after several minutes of useage firefox eventually slows the machine down to a halt.

I am also curious as to what external factors would cause Firefox to utilize more than half of the system's CPU on it's own.

The issue does seem to be more apparent once you sign into GMAIL if that helps too.

I will also test performance of firefox without navigating to GMAIL to see what happens.

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yes, please also check in windows safemode - then we'd have one more data point at least.

also on an affected system when you go to the firefox menu ≡ > help ? > troubleshooting information page and take a look in the Accessibility section, is accessibility is set to "true" there?