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problem with add on and 57 version

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Hi I installed version 57 and immediately I returned to 56.0.2 reasons:

1) many add ons do not work: I had a downthemall download manager that worked from god and now it does not work anymore; I had classic theme restore that allowed to customize the look of ff and no longer works. They are not valid alternatives. the author of classic theme restore told me that ff does not allow any change of appearance than the color of the bar and a little more. it's true?

2) the new tab is locked: why can not I put the option to open a new tab directly on google? I can fix this with an add on but I prefer with ff options

3) it does not seem much faster than before: before there was only one process for all the boards .... it started more slowly but the navigation speed was stable. now there is a process for each card (the same thing I do not like about chrome) and that means that if you open 20 tabs (and for work of the times I have) there are 20 active processes. I think is a problem for memory and on my pc the new version was slower.

4) I do not like graphic design, I do not find icons and downloadable themes do not satisfy me .... I would like to have an add on, or an option, that allows me to change the look back to the traditional one I'm used to but there is no way.

I thank you for your attention and I hope you take into consideration my problems. For now I'm working with version 56.0.2 and blocked automatic updates. (sorry for my english but i'm italian)

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hi, in regards to 1) - yes, addons can no longer freely customize all aspects of the interface. firefox will work to provide a themeing api in upcoming versions we're told. 2) since firefox 41 you can no longer set this with a preference, but you will need an addon to override the new tab page, as you are aware. 3) firefox won't create 20 processes for 20 tabs - we're limiting this to 4 processes for web content by default which we think is a better compromise than chrome. you'll also have a setting in the ui where you can control this yourself: Firefox's performance settings 4) right now you'd have to fall back through customizations with the userChrome.css file. https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx/issues/2 provides a few prebuilt options from the author of CTR :))

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i tried your solution but: with the add on new tab oiverride the opening of the home page (google) is very slow. You suggest an alternative? The code of aris is good. can I put the tab bar under the bookmarks bar?


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an update: i find a add on for tnhe new tab. i put the tab bar under the bookmarks tab the program is very very slow. I open 6 tab and i have 7 processes in mi taskbar.