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Can you Make a build 57 that doesn't mess with the layout

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I love firefox,

but 57 ruined my whole experience. I messed with the way it looked.

I have changed my settings from auto update to never.

please come out with a build that does security fixes and asks me if i want all these look and feel changes that blew me out of the water

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hi, can you be any more specific about what you'd like to change in the layout? since we don't know how you had it before nobody could help you achieve that in the new version either...

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I went back to 56,

I thought my question was clear enough. I use FireFox almost exclusively, as a developer, i do have to touch others, but firefox, is it.

I have some vision issues, I have the color scheme and layout help me. also the new effects are distracting. These are all good and I'm applaud that others like all these distractions,

So when the background changed, the shape of the taps changed, my home page changed, icons that I'm used to seeing are moved|changed|gone. tab visuals changed, and myriad more of changes that I have no idea about.

I immediately reverted back to 56 and had to speed time getting these back to what I had. I don't mind change, and last major release, there was a process to explain the changes and to leave them as they were or accept.

I have lost my trust, I have turned off, auto update, and when I'm forced to update I will deal at that time.

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You can remove the empty space near the address bar and make the colour scheme similar to the earlier v56 by selecting the Light Theme.

Untick Highlights from the Gear icon in New Tab menu.

That should take care of the immediate jarring visual differences between 56 and 57.

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Oh, and how do i get the plug-ins that I rely on back on.

No. I restored FIreFox 56 from backup, and set to never update.

by the sound of things this will never get resolved. so i guess i'll look for replacement when im forced

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Support Volunteers can't make changes to Firefox so................

You would be safer here as 56 will not get security fixes. You gave up a Sandboxed Environment going back.

This what is suggested : Going back : unfortunately 56.0.2 is no longer safe to use for every day use, but 52.5.0 ESR is! It will continue to get security updates until May 2018, and you can download and install it from this page: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all/ Note : Legacy Extensions will be deleted or removed in any version update after May 2018.

You should make a backup of your Profile before going back and just because: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/back-and-restore-

Till May should give you enough time to figure out Extensions Web Extensions are evolving and many of them are changing to be compatible with the new Firefox 57. Tracking them here: http://bit.ly/2j0Anlj. To submit suggestions for new or changed features, may I suggest: Feedback: https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/FirefoxInput/

The short URL has a Replacement Check.

How about looking at these 2 URL's first : https://www.howtogeek.com/333110/how-to-customize-firefox-quantum-and-remove-the-white-space-around-the-title-bar/ and The name is not descriptive enough : https://www.howtogeek.com/332449/whats-new-in-firefox-quantum/

More information will come out slowly. New extensions are being made and some older ones being updated that can track here : http://bit.ly/2j0Anlj

New things are already happening. Get back old look sorta : Here's a more comprehensive project which affects not only tabs but brings back the old "grid-style" options menu. https://github.com/axydavid/FirefoxUI/blob/master/README.md

It isn't completely possible to use the Australis design with Firefox 57, but depending on what you want, you might be able to customize the UI to look more like the old one: This project: https://github.com/wilfredwee/photon-australis lets you have the old tab bar appearance back in Firefox 57. You can remove the space around the address bar by right-clicking on the spaces, and choosing "remove from toolbar".

Note the Black Theme is just a Example and can be found in Customize.

You can run the Firefox Developers Edition at the same time as your Firefox. After install it asks if want to make it Compatible. So you could play learning to make changes/customize with that while still having the other browser. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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Thanks for the response,

these are great suggestions, and I appreciate the feedback.

But the point is missed here. when I upgrade to new version, I need it to leave my visuals alone or have it warn me before it destroy my profile, which took years to hone.

When I get time, I will play with developer edition. but, as of now im sticking with 56. As i said before the last major release firefox worked you thru the changes. this one just did it and broke any possibility of revert (besides restore from backup).

I am not wavering on this point, I am sorry for bothering you here on this forum. Trust broke.

You can delete this post or what ever, but it will only be resolved by a version update that will take my current settings and apply them

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BenInBlack said

Oh, and how do i get the plug-ins that I rely on back on.

Plug-ins shouldn't have been affected by the Firefox 57 update. Plugins, except for Flash, where deprecated with Firefox 53.

I think your main issue is with Extensions which some users improperly confuse with Plugins. Firefox 57 does require WebExtenions - all Legacy extensions are deprecated going forward on the Release and Beta channels. Nightly development builds do allow for Legacy extensions to be run, but they may not work completely or at all if the API those extensions "hooked" into was changed or removed.

Many extension developers have come up with suitable WebExtensions to replace their older Legacy extensions, but some Legacy extensions didn't "translate" well into the WebExtensions format.Those extensions are just gone. While other extension developers just didn't want to spend the time to rewrite their extensions; those extensions will be missed by many of us long term Firefox users.

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No of the extensions i use ported over.

my main one is: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/password-exporter/

I use firefox as my main password repository and backing them up is a must for me.

"Note: This add-on won't work in Firefox 57. It may eventually if the APIs to access passwords are implemented."

I have downloaded the developer edition, but I can't set 2 default profiles.

I give up, this is taking to much of my time. 56 is locked in.