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Firefox Nightly bug with updates and private browsing.

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I have the firefox nightly for linux 64bit with the latest updates. I have the command -private set to launch firefox as private automatically when I open firefox. When I go into preferences and update. Update installs. It tells me to restart firefox install update so, I do. Once it opens back up. I'm greeted with the "Sorry. We’re having trouble getting your pages back." Not that big an issue. I can just close the tab or start new session or restore what it found, but I don't think its relaunching firefox back into private when it restarts, because it shows windows I had open before in a non private browser session. Which I think it shouldn't do if I was running firefox in private during the update.

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You can't restore a previous PB mode session when you need to restart Firefox for some reason. You would have to bookmarks all tabs on beforehand if you want to keep open tabs. Data from a PB mode session is never stored to the hard drive and is always lost when you close Firefox. For Nightly it is even worse because you can get two updates each day. PB mode is really not suited in cases like this.

Why are you using Nightly and not the current release or DE or Beta?

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My issue isn't having data restored from a private browsing session. I just want it to launch back into private browsing when it restarts after updating. It restarts into a regular browser session. It should remember that I was using firefox in private browsing mode and to restart it back into that mode that's all. If I wanted my previous sessions restored I wouldn't be using private browsing. Also, I use nightly, because its more up to date with security fixes and new features. Also, if I find a bug such as this one I can report it so it doesn't make it into the released versions. I've had dev edition. I just gave nightly a whirl and just haven't switched back. This is the only issue I've come across. Also, I have the updates set for me to manually check for them so, it ends up being just one update a day instead of two. So, its not too drastic enough for me to switch to the other versions of firefox.