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Source files (.java) no longer display as text in browser after upgrade to FF55?

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Since upgrading to FF55, source files (.java in particular) no longer display as text in browser. An 'open/save' dialogue pops up. Perhaps a setting has been flipped in the upgrade process or something? I'm not knowledgeable enough to just bang 'about:config' into the address bar and solve this problem, but do find it useful for school to be able to browse files shared by my peers at a glance in browser. Any suggestions?

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Additional information: I'm running FF55 for Linux on an up to date Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS) machine.

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What content type sends the web server with this file if you check this in the Network Monitor?

You can prefix with the view-source: protocol to force Firefox to display the file as plain text.

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I'll look into this, and try to figure out how to make use of the the view-source: option you've suggested in future.

For now, I think I've verified experimentally that that new release is trying to do something to sanitize data/files that my previous release was not. Those files which were failing to display all began with a wildcard import statement (something like, import java.util.*;). Adding a comment at the beginning of the file results in a change in browser behaviour, and files are displayed as text once again... So, the plot thickens.