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Why do i get "not available for firefox 36.0" while my version is the latest (a lot newer)?

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Trying to install NoScript on a machine with the latest Firefox ESR and I get:

"not available for firefox 36.0" I have seen this more often in the past, don't recall what add-ons were involved.

What is causing this?

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Hello there. Is NoScript an Add-On you're trying to install? If you could, paste the link of where this Add-On is located. We can assist you furthermore in the process upon more information. Thanks!

edit: Assuming it is this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noscript/?src=ss

Here's a support article from the Add-On company; https://noscript.net/faq#qa2_1

There could be a potential delay in finding the updated version of your Firefox from the installation menu. Try above.

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You are fast, thank you!

The machine with the issue got this problem after being updated to the latest ESR version. The previously installed version was a regular (non ESR) edition. The ESR versions do NOT install "over" the regular editon, so the machine ended up with both versions! I deïnstalled the regular version, and now all add ons work.

However, the regular version installed was not 36.0 but newer. So I still don't understand why I got the "not available for firefox 36.0" notification, that I get more often on other machines (specifically mentioning 36.0, while another version is installed).

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your useragent (the information the browser sends to websites to identify its version) - apparently mistakenly - shows you're on firefox version 36. maybe some extension has overwritten it in the past. please refer to this article in order to reset the user-agent settings in firefox: How to reset the default user agent on Firefox