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Text rendering sometimes fuzzy, keyframes the culprit.

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I submitted a complaint on fuzzy text quite some time ago suspecting keyframes on a webpage was conflicting with text rendering & have finally confirmed that is the case.

I use alot of dropdown menus & text inside the menus will go fuzzy during any keyframe spinning events but clear up when spinning stops however that's not the case if there's a 3d transform coded in the keyframes css & a dropdown sitting right over top of a keyframe coded with transform in it will permanently deform any dropdown text regardless if it's spinning or not & z-index prioritizing has no effect clearing up text either.

I ended up eliminating the 3d transform from my keyframe codes with no noticeable degradation of the keyframe effects & now have clear text on dropdowns as soon as any spinning keyframes end their events.

Thought you guys at Firefox would find this info useful in trying to come up with text rendering immune to keyframe conflicts that don't exist in any other browser I've seen.

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Hello, please make sure to use an up to date release of Firefox. XP users are advised to use ESR.