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in history of browsing there is only option Today

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more options

Since yesterday, there is no option Yesterday, 7 days etc in browsing history. how can I get these options again?

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more options

Firefox only keeps the one copy of History so once clearedbit is generally gone for good.

Back up your Firefox profile or at least the file places.sqlite if you want to save History in future.

There is one chance worth a try as you use Windows 7

  1. Use the troubleshooting information page. Use the button to SD how the profile.
  2. Close Firefox. Make a note of the profile location. Copy the whole folder set or at least the file places.sqlite somewhere safe as a backup.
  3. Now right click the original places.sqlite see if Windows offers tobrestorr a previous version

That article gives full details of the Windows feature. On Winfows 7 it often managed to capture copies of places.sqlite The feature is different in W10 and does not normally capture the file.

if Windows 7 can restore that file it should get your history back for you when Firefox restarts.