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How do you open the menu in Firefox?

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The Firefox browser opens on a page that says During your last scan, we found some infections that have caused changes on your system, which may need to be manually altered. The first step is to Click the “Open menu” button and choose "Options." Then On the "General" tab under "Startup," use one of the buttons or manually change the URL in the "Home Page" field. My problem is that I cannot find where the "open menu" button is, I've tried the file, edit, view, history, bookmarks and tools menu and it's not there. Can someone assist please? Thank you!

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. Whenever you get a message / popup like that;


Such messages are only Spam that could lead you to Fake Support. Not only can they damage or hack your system, they charge you to do so.

You can report such a site at; Google Report Phishing Page {web link} which is the same when done while on site by going to Help > Report Web Forgery

Help us safeguard Mozilla’s trademarks by reporting misuse {web link}

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Does that page always come up?

If it's like the fake FBI/Interpol browser lock page, This add-on can stop such pages; https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/disallow-script-button/ disallow Script Button

The Disallow Script button looks like a letter "M" and the title is the Minus Script, drag and drop the button on a toolbar. If the button is not displayed then nothing operates, except rules for plugins.

Another way out of the trap is to (force it if needed) Close Firefox. Wait about 20 seconds for Firefox to finish closing. Right-click on the Firefox icon and select Open New Window.

Sometimes this works. If it opens, close it by Menu > File > Exit. This will flush out that web page from the Session Store.

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Can you attach a screenshot?

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This is from MisterCat again. I took screen shots of the first 6 pages of the very long message that pops up every time I open Mozilla Foxfire. There was much, much more but I thought this might be enough. I do not use Google Chrome, I use Windows mostly and sometimes FireFox. I tried some of the suggestions offered but none worked. I hope someone has a solution. Thank you.

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Those screenshots show instructions about how to restore some Firefox settings.

Does Malwarebytes give any details what settings in particular are changed?

You can open the Options/Preferences page via the cogwheel button button in the "3-bar" Firefox menu button drop-down list or via "Tools > Options". You can tap the Alt key or press F10 to show the Menu Bar with the Tools menu.