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Why take you my own thinking, what I wan't to use in Firefox? Now he dies for me, your not better, than Microsoft

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Using Java you take so out, that no chance is there, to use it. But some programs, very important for me, use Java. Why don't you give any user the chance to use it or not. It's my problem, not yours. But no, you make it like Microsoft, eat or die. So good bye Firefox. I hope, some outher started a new browser, in where I can say, what I want and what not.


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Every major browser including Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge have already stopped supporting NPAPI plugins like Java. In fact, Mozilla is the ONLY one still supporting the option for users to use legacy plugins in the ESR release of Firefox.

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you only need to change browser because chrome is so much better,no more freeze anymore.read my story= https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1174698

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Hi DETCON, Chrome does not run the Java plugin, either, so your suggestion is not helpful to the original poster. Or maybe you don't care about helping the people you are spamming with your replies this morning.

Anyone here looking to run the Java plugin, please see the first reply, from Moses. Also: Why do Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat and other plugins no longer work?

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jscher2000, I am telling this because i want firefox to change their work!!do they fix my problem while i used to unplug my computer battery 20 times perday,do you solve any of my problem?of course all of you are great person because helping other people.but stop judging other people.you don't know anything.i want firefox to notice their problem not asking myself to fix their problem.all i hear from other contributor(i know they are great person)is i need to set mozilla to this and that.this is mozilla problem!!not my problem and they never solve any problem.

okay sorry to the question owner

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Closing this thread since it was necro'd by DETCON and since OP never replied, I'm setting this thread as inactive and waiting to be archived.

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