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Need to talk to a tech person

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I have gone around and around on this site trying to fix the fact that everything hangs up constantly. It's been one day and it's so far been a miserable experience. Why can't you speak with anyone. Not all of us are that tech savvy it's horrible.

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Not your lucky day. We have rolled back to earlier forum software so any prior posts may be temporarily unavailable.

Unfortunately we do not offer telephone etc support. An advantage of this forum software is that at least we see more details of your Firefox installation.

You are apparently using Vista and have quite a few plugins installed. What happens if you temporarily disable all your Addons by setting them to never activate, and run Firefox in its special safe mode does that work better ?

Also how does Firefox compare with Internet Explorer, if they are both slow maybe it is not Firefox that is at fault.


Are you able to give a bit more detail of the problems you are having, when does this occur is it on certain sites, or for instance on videos or gaming.

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sakuragifts said

Why can't you speak with anyone. Not all of us are that tech savvy it's horrible.

Like most companies with free products, Mozilla does not have the resources to have call centres for one on one support by phone, email, or chat as it would be for free.

Besides https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/ there is also the irc.mozilla.org with channels like #sumo, #firefox, #mozillazine,. There is also newsgroups like https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums/#end-user-support

And yet another option is the long running independent forums.mozillaZine.org for a additional place to get help.