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since a few days ago I am unable to access the control address of my Asus router

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I have seen several posts that address essentially this problem with no useful solutions.

The router is set to either or I can't tell because I can not get any communication with the router. The router is operating generally as it is supposed to but I am unable to do any configuration or radio settings (or anything else). It probably defaults to radios on; hence I am sitting here with an open WiFi connection for the world.

I can find no way to disable FF's insistence in putting https in front of any IP address, and refusing to connect. I don't know what protocol the router is using. Maybe s, maybe not.I get the message it is not secure. From that point, reading a bunch of stuff, I have found no way to stop the behavior. It is on a private network, isolated from the internet by the router. There has to be a way for users to get to their local router.

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Can you copy/paste the details of the error message? If there is an Advanced button on the error page, please click that and copy/paste from that section as it usually has more technical detail.

Meanwhile, can you configure the router using Internet Explorer?