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Why can't I kill urgent firefox patch pop-up?

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I see questions raised about this variously changing URL popup, but I see no solutions. I have used Norton, NPE, Malware Bytes, JRT, SpyBot and Kaspersky TDSS killer, and none of them can find where it has hidden in my system. So, I'd like a solution; otherwise, since I can't have this malware popping up when I'm performing a banking operation or paying a bill online, I'd prefer to uninstall Firefox altogether and go back of IE or try Chrome. No need to show an image; if you have had it, you know what it is.

D Martin

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When does the pop-up show up? At startup only? Several times during the day? One website? Many? Can you provide the link shown in the address box?

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Hi D Martin, the malware distribution pages are spread through ad networks. I very much doubt your bank would be displaying ads, but it could have come from another tab you had open.

If you have not previously considered using an ad blocking extension, perhaps this would be the time? This one is currently popular: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/

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I originally picked up a Trojan from a Yahoo ad while using the email function. It caused so much trouble that I changed homepages to Google. I had been using Foxfire to access Yahoo mail, bill paying and other financial transactions because of poor IE stability. I did not block Yahoo ads which, as you know encircle the mail function. Yesterday I did add UBlock. So, I am aware that such malware originates from ads. The offending "patch page" which is not an ad just shows up as a web page with various URLs: one is https://ohzurfi...82ac46e4e2.html, just nonsense, and as others have said, they keep changing. Google SpyBot and Foxfire urgent patch and you will find a picture of the page which has been reported to Foxfire since May 2016. You will also see their instructions for manual removal; they are extensive and designed for someone with computer and registry key experience.

In my case, this page popped up when accessing Yahoo mail at any random time. I did not notice it popping up while accessing other websites on FF. Since installing UBlock, I have not noticed it; however, it bears watching since I did not click on any ads before and no ads at all appear now. SpyBot, if you Google the key words above, claimed that their Destroyer will identify and remove it; it did not.

However, ads or no ads, this is a Foxfire intrusion and Foxfire should fix it.


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Hi D Martin, people have been aware of this for months and if it was easy to solve it would have been solved by now.