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I've twice gotten a banner that says, "Want to try something new in Firefox?" and has a button labeled "get it now," and another button for "more info."

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Is this legit, or is it malware? It happened once a day or two ago, and then again today. (I took a screenshot, but it is not uploading for some reason.)

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I just got this for the first time. What is it?? I haven't clicked anything on it, and it sticks to the top no matter what page I go to.

I tried the zooming thing mentioned above, and it doesn't zoom in or out.

Do we know now whether this is legit from Firefox?

I'm worried. :(

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I've been searching on google and found this: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3024527

What have you guys heard about this?

Also, I checked my add-ons and extensions and they look normal - nothing new, including no mentions of this "Test Pilot" add-on, so I don't have this add-on.

There's also nothing listed under tools -> options -> content -> notifications -> choose ... the box is completely empty.

My Firefox version is 49.0.2. I will upgrade, but if this is something bad, I's prefer getting rid of it first so it doesn't get buried/hidden among the upgrade files.

I type "want to try something new in firefox?" into google and literally get only six results. o.O

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, Cor-El.

I am so sorry, but could you please elaborate? Also, I truly apologize if I wasn't supposed to comment on this thread here; I thought, since the issue hadn't been resolved, and it came up as a suggestion when I tried to post a new thread about this, I thought the correct procedure was to post in this one instead of making a new one about the same topic. I'm really sorry if I did wrong. :(

Also, I don't understand what this Shield thing you mention in that first link is. I haven't downloaded anything with that name, and I can't find a mention to the banner I'm seeing in that list.

Or, if I should stop replying here and open a new thread instead, and if it's OK if I do so, I will, and I'm sorry.

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Hi bna1, technically you're supposed to start a new question if you aren't providing assistance to the original poster. And generally speaking, when a thread already has more than 15 comments, it's less likely you'll get fresh answers. But here we are.

Were any of the earlier posts helpful in investigating the source of the bar?

As far as I know, it is a random user interface feature that is part of Firefox, and not malware. Unless there is now malware that imitates it.

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Hello, Jscher2000.

Thank you for your response!

Oh, OK; now I know. :) Some places don't like it when you open a new thread if there's already an existing one, but I can see that how you guys do it here is easier for keeping track of what needs attention. Now I know for future reference.

Well, I didn't want to click on anything on the banner, afraid it could be malware, so I wasn't able to verify where the links led to, but I did do the zoom test that was mentioned earlier, and the banner didn't zoom.

jscher2000 said

...As far as I know, it is a random user interface feature that is part of Firefox, and not malware. ...

That does put me more at ease; thank you!

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If this bar is added by an extension that is stored in the Firefox profile folder then starting Firefox in Safe Mode should disable it. If it is one on the built-in features extensions then you can't disable these.

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Thank you, cor-el.

I've been waiting to see if I get the banner again, but I haven't, so I've gone ahead and updated Firefox to the newest version. I'm adding this to my bookmarks for reference in case I see the banner again.

Thank you both for your help! Have a great holiday season!

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I keep getting this banner right under my all my toolbars, right above the area web pages appear in. It stays there though all my surfing unless I click the close X next to the "Learn More" link. I didn't see any answers as to how to get rid of it. I've never added an extension or plug-in that would display this. Actually, to me it's asking me to join this, not that I already have.

When I click on the Learn More link, I am taken to a page about "Shield Studies." The link I get is https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Shield/Shield_Studies. It seems to be something Firefox wants users to participate in. I tried the help and other links, but couldn't find anything about how to disable the banner. The study seems to be related to MozillaWiki.

I attempted to upload two screen shots: one of the banner on a FF help page (page doesn't matter), and a second to show the page the Lean More Link takes me to. I hope I did it right!

Please, if anyone can find a way to disable this, post it. The banner is taking up more screen space I don't have to give, and it's driving me crazy!

Thanks! nancie

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Hi nanciewanda, after you "X" it off, how soon does it come back?

I don't know exactly how it works, but usually with Mozilla messages, it remembers that you X'd it off and stops showing it. But sometimes that kind of information is lost between sessions (i.e., between the time you exit Firefox and start it up again) for one reason or another, depending on how it was stored.

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