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How do we know if the master password request is not bogus?

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I have recently enabled a master password in Firefox and find that the master password windows pops up at unexpected times on various web sites.

How is the user to know if it is not a bogus request from an attack website?

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Can you provide some screenshots, edited if necessary to remove sensitive information. This is a public website.

  • When and why does this seem to popup ?
  • What happens if you do NOT enter the master passsword when requested ?
    That should give a clue as to why it is needed.

If you are trying to log in to a website, and you navigated to that website then you will need to provide login credentials. If you have stored them and protected them with a master password Firefox will try to enter the details for you. Once you have set up the master password you will need to re-enter it again for instance when you add more login credentials, or if you view your password details in a new session.

By the way do you use Firefox sync ?