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Firefox crashes

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Crash ID: bp-93aa4abd-615c-41ca-b116-c00972160913

I've been using Firefox version 47.0 on a Windows 7 64-bit PC, and everything had been fine until today, when Firefox crashes each time I try to open it. I can't even run it in Safe Mode - that also immediately crashes. It has crashed over 40 times in the last hour. I've rebooted my PC, but no change. Windows Updates are enabled, so I believe my PC should be current on those. I'm also using Norton Security, version, which also has automatic updates, so I believe I should be current on that, too. Since I can’t get Firefox to open at all, I'm using IE 11 to submit this question, and when I try to click on the "Automatically add" button to add troubleshooting info, I get directed to a page that says Mozilla “couldn’t find what you’re looking for.” I’m hesitant to uninstall and reinstall Firefox, because since I can’t even Refresh Firefox, I’m afraid of losing bookmarks and other settings.

Other crash IDs: bp-97270da0-02d9-4b90-aaa6-0eba32160913 bp-5b39fcd7-e587-4e52-b5b2-0c2002160913 bp-86e138cd-b3e9-44b3-a677-034f62160913 bp-e9dbf341-9ef4-4ef0-ab72-e46dd2160913 bp-cd0eb5b1-2c5f-41cb-ae27-b1fbd2160913 bp-a56ad3d5-ffed-4a42-80cf-304922160913 bp-d0742f45-2989-4070-b034-6162c2160913 bp-3c4e37ef-3482-4d1f-87c6-120b32160913 bp-f4e5e646-9d4d-41a6-9581-781db2160913 bp-b91ad778-8370-4db4-ae91-d0a692160913 bp-bf2358c0-f282-4290-93e6-2574f2160913 bp-e04d0d16-2ce0-460e-a03d-5ed9f2160913 bp-075d923f-a2b2-459c-8d79-e4f042160913 bp-77cc695b-c90e-483a-8301-bcde32160913 bp-50158b5a-2582-4ddd-bb07-a2fed2160913 bp-fc02003a-c36c-459f-a367-4052b2160913 bp-e309ec76-6a4d-4b78-a4f4-490a62160913 bp-4efeb096-ddec-4f83-848e-ab6722160913 bp-34fcf53e-a7fb-48d1-858e-35fbb2160913 bp-78ec5f0e-3cd0-4145-9778-5a9152160913 bp-9efd494e-00fc-433e-8128-15b122160913 bp-4f336937-b873-460b-816b-fffda2160913 bp-db346ba3-6369-413b-82b9-371472160913 bp-9f9d075c-1b6e-4554-beb6-c7edf2160913 bp-3f36c746-e0de-4556-985e-0aa012160913 bp-ef85058c-fc95-49f1-9f78-4bd632160913 bp-d9742cf0-d770-4562-bde7-61ec82160913 bp-4146739f-64cb-49be-a908-06dfa2160913 bp-24a98f60-07c7-48c1-a88f-e15632160913 bp-221ae781-639b-43f4-9a76-68c422160913 bp-8793e7e5-4373-4faf-a4d8-9d8a62160913 bp-c37b2a1c-31e2-4b01-b7d5-3fc602160913 bp-afdafaf6-631d-4522-b32e-02ef72160913 bp-e3fd502f-2e9e-4797-a425-e6a3a2160913 bp-ce4ee6b8-df88-4c8d-b595-95a7c2160913 bp-96e261e0-b05a-43b5-a683-990262160913 bp-0cdee4ee-472a-41dd-a917-16f892160913 bp-79b332d3-1e81-469f-8839-b3ba52160913 bp-f8503df3-afd2-4d24-a9f8-041992160913 bp-8e4e16aa-459b-4794-bbd6-ca6f32160913

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Firefox comes in two or more folders on all computers. They are;

Maintenance: (Programs Folder) <Windows Only> Firefox itself: (Programs Folder) And one folder in the profile of each user on the computer.

If you remove the Firefox folder, the user folders would not be affected.

Product Firefox Release Channel release Version 47.0 Build ID 20160604131506 OS Windows 7 OS Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

bp-93aa4abd-615c-41ca-b116-c00972160913 bp-97270da0-02d9-4b90-aaa6-0eba32160913

Signature: nsFileStreamBase::Write

IPSEng32.dll = Symantec Intrusion Detection

icudt56.dll = International Components for Unicode = The ICU Project

This is for Sumo's Related Bugs 597260 REOPENED --- startup crash in nsFileOutputStream::Write

Total Virtual Memory 4,294,836,224 bytes (4 GB)

Available Virtual Memory 3,976,232,960 bytes (3.7 GB)

Available Page File 4,476,878,848 bytes (4.17 GB)

Available Physical Memory 1,177,649,152 bytes (1.1 GB)

System Memory Use Percentage 71

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Check for updates for Unicode. I've called for more help.

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hi, this may be an issue caused by your norton security software that is hooking into firefox and causing it to crash (maybe through a program/signature update done by them). can you please try to disable norton temporarily and see if you can get firefox to launch again & please also get in contact with their support...