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"Firefox Web Content" in Activity Monitor on Mac

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Recently, I have been checking the Activity Monitor on all of our macs, just to see what apps were taking the most power out of all of them. Since yesterday, whenever we start up Firefox, the Activity Monitor shows something called "Firefox Web Content" below Firefox. Is this normal? Below is a screen shot of what we are seeing.

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Sorry, the image did not upload. Here it is.

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To provide more information on this , I have tried force quitting "Firefox Web Content" while in the activity monitor and in response Firefox would crash on me.

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It looks like that Activity Monitor separates the "overhead" of Firefox from the "overhead" of the Web Content that Firefox is handing and displaying.

As far as the "Average Energy Impact" goes, I wonder if that computer was used to display a lot of videos within the time span that session covers?

Probably get a better answer from a Mac User's Group fora. I'm sure how many of the support contributors around here use a Mac. Most contributors are on Windows or Linux from what I have seen mentioned here. I know that any Mozilla developers use a Mac, but few of them contribute to this forum - especially on a US holiday weekend like today.

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Thank you for your reply, I will try on another forum if someone here with a mac doesn't see this question. Nothing different is happening on Firefox when we use it, we're just not sure what is happening with the activity monitor and firefox.