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Cant see the malicious warning arrow in the new update

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I just installed the last update (48) and I read "Whats new" - it points to a "malicious download warning" arrow supoosedly in the top bar next to the HOME icon. I dont have one and I have shut down and re-opened FF twice. Have I just updated uneccessarily?

On an unrelated security issue can somebody advise where I can find the following; To disable WebRTC in Firefox, go to about: config and toggle media.peerconnection.enabled to false.

these directions obviously refer to earlier versions but I would like to make this very adjustment please?

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If you read the article on the malicious download protection (https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2016/08/01/enhancing-download-protection-in-firefox/) you will see the warnings you will receive if you download a malicious file. You won't see it otherwise. Remember, updates are important as they ad in new security fixes (you can see the latest list of security fixes at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox/) as well as adding new web features and performance enhancements.

As for your second question, those instructions still work, though they are not really necessary as WebRTC is safe to leave enabled.

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Thank you for your very prompt reply. 1. Regarding the arrow. I was thinkling along those lines but I always think it better to be fore-armed. I could not find any advice on the artice(s) I had read, I will check further. 2. The second problem is a little deeper. I requesteed more information simply because I am unable to follow those exact directions. I cannot find. ABOUT. The only about I can find is in the help box and tha only leads me right back here. Could please paint me some bigger, redder, brighter arrows that will point me in the correc direction? 2(a) as far as WEBrtc being safe to enable, If I can find leaks etc using readily available programs, so can others with unscrupulous desires. my intention is to make my internet use as private and as safe as possible and if some of the sites I go on/use advise that mine is best closed, I would like to comply. Therefore I respectfully request some of those bigger, brighter arrows please? Thank you all in anticipation.

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just read what I had typed above and now appologise for the errors and omissions. I should have proofed it first. But being clever people as you are, you will follow everything I am sure. again I thank you.

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There is no about, you just type "about:config" (without the quotes) into the address bar and press enter. Configuration Editor for Firefox

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If you want to see whether [fake] malicious downloads trigger the new icons to appear, check out this page:


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That is a VERY good page and I have filed it away for furture purposes but sadly, NOT ONE OF THOSE DOWNLOAD LINKS AFFECTED/PRODUCED ANY ICONS. I clicked on each of those blue links and allowed the download to a folder of my choice. NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY APPEARED! Not even so much as a warning let alone any iconic movement. No challenge of any type or kind. Even my anti-virus didn't do more than yawn at those download links Methinks something is amiss? again, thank you for trying.

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Any chance that you may have an extension installed that is blocking that indicator?

Like maybe a "download" extension?

Try Firefox Safe Mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that disables extensions, and a few other features.

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Not sure what you mean by download extn. The only thing that I have open at the same time I use FF is Ghostery. Might that cause me some headaches? Yanno, too many doing the safe thing might be creating rather than fixing? I am afraid I am one of those people who have trusted implicitly that FF is completely safe when it updates and I have passed total control over to FF just as i did with my EX-WIFE and my wallet. But, I hasten to point out, she is now my EX-WIFE and now I control the fingers touching my wallet. Should I be become a scripter and check each update FF executes?

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Regarding Tyler's advice above. Now that did bring some excitement. I was promptly stopped from entering fistly by an advisory telling me thats no way to fill in a web addres, you must do it this way.. etc etc. I persisted and eventually got pages telling me all about permissions etc and yet still blocked me.. I persisted further until either FF gave up and let me in or I accidently blundered into the correct method because I eventually arrived at my destination. I have no idea if I have made the correct adjustment or not because that too is not as easy as simply changing the text. So forget me becoming a scripter, I am far too old for that stuff now. So, thanks Tyler. finally i found what I was originally looking for but now we seem to have allowed a few more worms to escape from the proverbial can.

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No, I was just suggesting some basic, simple troubleshooting that is built into Firefox.

>> click this >> Firefox Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode ...

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Hi gummy43, I am attaching screenshots of the normal alerting that occurs if your phishing and malware protection is fully enabled and updating.

Could you double-check that protection is enabled on the Options page?

Note: since these are harmless test files, it's normal for your antivirus not to get excited.

Edit: the extra large clickable area for the "Open Containing Folder" button is created by a custom style rule and wouldn't appear on your Firefox.

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Thanks Mr J. your reply was greatly rec'd and I checked as requested and have supplied a screen shot to show you it looks exactly like yours. However.... 1. referring to the first web of tests you kindly sent, yes I do get the full red page (pics supplied) with slight text differences between each page. 2......The next 7 supposedly spurious downloads provide nothing out of the ordinary. (only 1 pic supplied - I dont want you bored looking at the same thing over and over) Only the text on each of the pages changes slightly, with no warnings attached and please note. The illusive arrow pictured in YOUR images - remains illusive.

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Just making a WAG here ... (Wild Assed Guess)

You moved the Downloads progress arrow to the left, between the URL bar and the Search bar, and that "Arrow" has a 'drop-marker' indication that there's a contextual menu - which shouldn't be the case.

Try moving that Arrow back to the right-side of the paired Bookmarks buttons and see if that allows those Malware protection indicators to appear https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/customize-firefox-controls-buttons-and-toolbars

I have had problems when Customizing the Navigation Toolbar since Firefox 29 was released; putting a 'button' between the URL bar and the Search bar doesn't always work correctly. Sometimes it kicks into an 'overflow' with >> (double-ellipse) for me - not exactly the same as I see in your screenshot, but your problem might be similar to what I experience.

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The whole downloads button looks different. Could an add-on be replacing it?