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How to Remove this message"For a better experience on Facebook, switch to our basic site or update your browser"

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I just want to remove this Message from the top of my browser it only comes for Facebook you can see the image attached.I DONT WANT TO UPDATE SO PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO UPDATE I JUST WANT THIS NOTIFICATION OR MESSAGE REMOVED ...

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Hi, since the message is coming from FB, you would need to contact them for advice, but as you are using a very old version of Firefox, they will probably tell you that such an old one is no longer supported.

I know that for whatever reason you don't want to update, but if you change your mind, open the 3-bar menu > Help (question mark at bottom right) > About Firefox. Alternatively, you can press the Alt key to bring up the main menu bar > Help > About Firefox. More - Update Firefox to the latest release.

The only alternative is to try another browser for that site.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you!

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Come on what kind of support center is this i mean no offense but i have removed this message in the past i just dont remember it now Help is highly appreciated ....!!!!

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The message is on the Facebook site due to you still using the old Firefox 31.0 as this is not a message from Mozilla or the Firefox web browser.

Not sure if you can turn such notifications off on the Facebook site as i use FB very little.