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Urgent Firefox Update Malware

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I have been having this malware come up like others but it recently changed. Before, it just opened in a new tab. Now, it actually loads as a new page on the current tab; even if nothing is clicked and my hands are physically off the keyboard and mouse. Additionally, it automatically tries to download a file but I am able to stop it without it running (as far as I know). Like mentioned before, the link to the page is white when followed. I have only been having this issue on one site, reddit and more specifically reddit.com/r/totalwar.

What happens each time is that sometimes when I click a link to either a forum post, the comments, or an imgur post. After the page loads and a few seconds pass, the 'Urgent Update' page loads and replaces the page that was intended. It then does what I described above. For me, no other sites have this issue but I wanted to contribute to try and help this seemingly growing issue. Are there any solutions or steps that have been identified thus far?

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Based off previous posts, it will likely be a dead end, but the link to the site itself is https://tougahumax-cinema.org/3392926448189/3392926448189/1468304021716213/firefox-patch.js.

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A number of regular users at the forum (myself included) has reported that uBlock Origin effectively 'blocks' or keeps that "stuff" from appearing. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/

The problem that we're running into with trying to track and help eliminate that crap, is that the 'perpetrator' is generating new domains daily or multiples daily, so catching him is difficult. I have "lucked out" a few times and was able to see that fake patch offer in a Profile without uBlock Origin and not see it in another Profile that does have uBlock Origin (my "never go anywhere without it" Profile) within a minute of each other.

BTW, we're tracking that issue here - https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/contributors/712056 [attn Admin] fake Firefox-update/firefox-patch .exe sites list and discussion.