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Thunderbird keeps marking e-mail as Junk

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I have TB 45.1.1 (on Arch Linux) with a Yahoo! IMAP e-mail account.

Spam is automatically marked as Junk and moved to the Junk folder.

Sometimes I have the following problems:

1. Messages are automatically marked as Junk although it's sender is in my Thunderbird address book.

2. When I remove the message from the Junk folder, marking it as "No Junk", it appears in the Inbox folder. (That's right.)

3. After a few seconds, the message is automaically marked as Junk again (but stays in the Inbox).

4. Thunderbird keeps marking the message as Junk.

I noticed that Thunderbird does not keep marking the message as Junk when in offline mode. It looks like the Junk status online at Yahoo! is not updated. However, when I look up online at yahoo.com, there is no sign of a positive Junk status. I still have the option to mark the message as Junk.

Any ideas?

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Interesting! So far, it's worked as expected for me.

I'm not certain how to explain the differences.


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