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A promise from Mozilla never fulfilled (2 years ago - April 20, 2014)

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Here's the promise from Mozilla two years ago to make viewing Firefox's Bookmark html. files as easy an quick to read, find and compare bookmark files as compared with viewing the same Firefox html bookmark file through Internet Explorer. I'm attaching the comparable files.


Hello cvmenn,

Thanks for reporting your experience with Firefox. We always try to deliver the best to our 430 million users worldwide. Our Engineers will definitely respond to your issue as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for using Firefox!

Have a nice 'Firefox' time ;)


By viewing a Firefox Bookmark file through Internet Explorer, I see every one of my generated bookmark sublayers that help firefox users find and compare bookmark files much quicker. You can see that with IE there are four (4) bookmark layers compared with Firefox identifying only two. I suppose if I created 6 or more layers, I would see all of them. The color differentiation with IE is also better than Firefox's.

I hope this is an easy design change for you guys and girls.

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Promise? Surely you jest. That looks like an automated response to me.

Don't hold your breath for Mozilla doing anything with regards to enhancing anything involving the bookmarks.html format! Firefox 2.0 back in 2006-9 (last version was released in late April 2009 as was the last version of Firefox that actually "used" the bookmarks.html file for anything of substance. In Firefox 3.0 it became an internal "legacy feature" basically for cross-browser brand interchange of data features.

You don't realize it due to you using an old version of Firefox, but the bookmarks.html file format is basically gone from Firefox 45 and later versions, at least as far as what the user can see. No longer even used for "seeding" the default bookmarks that come with Firefox for the creation of new Profiles. It has become "legacy" file format completely that is no longer used for anything other than the user being able to "Export" their bookmarks into the bookmarks.html format and to be able import a bookmarks.html file that was exported from a web browser that still supports that format for "exporting". Although the "browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML" preference still does work to allow the user to have a bookmarks.html file in the Profile folder and to keep it "updated"; I'll be surprised if even that survives into 2017.