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All fieds have white text on white background

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After the recent system update all text fields in Firefox have white color on white background. This affects fields in websites (unless input color is specified in css) AND Firefox user interface (i.e. the address field). I've checked some fields in Firebug and they have the following styles (Firefox default, as I understand):

  • background-color: -moz-field;
  • color: -moz-fieldtext;

Both of these colors are white.

I was able to change website text field colors using userContent.css, but it had no effect on the address field.

I guess the correct way to fix this is to find out where Firefox takes colors for moz-fieldtext and UI textfields from and set the colors there back to black. Please advise.

I have Firefox 46.0, my OS is Ubuntu 12.10, desktop environment is Gnome.

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