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Account permission setting change

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I cant find Account Permission settings

Please direct me.

Regards Alf2

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We don't have anything called "permissions".

Account Settings can be found under Tools, in Windows. It's under Edit on Linux and OSX.

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When I was setting up Thunderbird I was forced to accept an agreement which reads By clicking "Agree" you allow the app and Google tu use your information in accordance etc etc I like to revoke this permission now and cant find a way to do this. It refers me to Account Permission to change this. BTW where would I find EDIT in Linux. I searched but no luck,

Regards and thanks for any help Alf2

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That agreement is with Google. Just remove the relevant account. It's useless unless you do give it the requested permission.

Use F10 or alt to temporarily make the traditional menu visible. Then you'll see Edit. Or browse around what is offered by the hamburger button.

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Now you are getting verry technical. What is the "hamburger" button? F10 in which program? Thunderbird there is no EDIT and also Linux or Firefox nix.

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You say you can't see Edit therefore I infer that you don't have the traditional menu. The F10 key or the <alt> key will in Windows or in Linux make the traditional menu appear. For now, I mean this as used in Thunderbird but you'll find it applies generally across your GUI.

Thunderbird has followed the herd and replaced the traditional menu (now hidden by default) by a ubiquitous button with three lines. To many it looks like a hamburger. If you don't have or want the traditional menu bar across the top of your Thunderbird then the hamburger button is your access point for an alternative menu system.

I don't use the hamburger button myself. I haven't memorised the structure of the menu it exposes. I don't know for sure what variants of it will appear to users of the various platforms that Thunderbird supports. If you want to use it, I can only suggest you browse it and learn it. That's what menus are for.

In Windows, [≡]|Options|Account Settings

In Linux, it'll say Preferences instead of Options.

I'll leave you to work out when to hover and wait for a sub menu, or when to click to be taken somewhere entirely different. To me, this button and its menus are an ergonomic disaster zone.

You can get to Account Settings in at least two other ways:

Select the account itself. By default, in the right hand pane where messages normally appear, you see an account summary page (called Account Central) that includes a link to settings.

Or right-click the account and select Settings from the pop-up menu.

Hint: when in doubt, right-click.

The Account Settings window has a button at the bottom, named Account Actions where you can remove accounts.

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