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How do I change the icons used by Firefox windows on Linux? What format image do I use instead of main-window.ico, and where do I put it?

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On Windows I can customise the icons used by Firefox on the main window, download manager etc, by creating my own icons (e.g. main-window.ico), and putting them in chrome\icons\default. I'd like to do the same in Linux - what image format should I use, and where do I put them (for Firefox 43). Is there a complete list of the icon names for all the Firefox windows.

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On Linux you usually get the icons via a specific icon pack that is installed in Linux. If you want different icons then look for an icon pack that suits you.

The window icons are stored in browser/icons (e.g. png 128x128)

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I created a png file main-window.png in ~/.mozilla/firefox/mwad0hks.default/browser/icons then closed and restarted Firefox, but the icon did not change. I then copied the file to mozicon.png in the same directory, since this was the name of the icon in the corresponding place in the install directory, and tried again but I'm still not seeing my icon

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The images need to be in the /browser/icons folder where the Firefox application is installed and not in the Firefox profile folder.

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It's still not working. However looking closely at the icon Firefox is using, I don't think it is the one which was in the Firefox install browser/icons folder originally. so possibly this version of Linux is overriding it somehow. I'll see if I can find anything on their forums