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FIREFOX 44.0.2 new tab/adress/bookmark bar has opacity overlay. I want to remove it

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Hello, how do i remove the transparent overlay on the current tab / address bar / bookmark tab so that my persona theme: black shows without the overlay... I do not want a "get an add-on" solution i would rather mess with about:config or userchrome.css or equivalent to fix it see attach image to see what i mean... this if for Firefox 44.0.2

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I am trying to remove Firefox 44.0.2 (20160210153822) Installed on Friday, February 12, 2016, 2:10:13AM? I want to remove this thing because it blocks my ability to cut and paste on the internet. Off the internet I can cut and past fine. Perhaps these issues are related.

I cannot find how to remove a security update like Firefox 44.0.2 (20160210153822), only how to remove the entire browser, which I want to keep.