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my yahoo tool bar was disabled how do i get it back say it could not be verified for use in fire fox i have had it for long time and now it has been disabled

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yahoo tool bar has been disable by fire fox it had button for my yahoo yahoo mail fb maps sports weather ebay and others

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Hi, it's likely that you were using an unsigned version which is no longer supported, so please try this signed Yahoo Toolbar add-on instead.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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I clicked info and found my signed certificate toolbar is disable along with my CITI disposable CC. number generator. How much more firefox want? You want it signed, it already signed????

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A solution has been offered. But it is a little complicated and also effects other aspects of the add on. In addition it will not work when upgrade to 44 is issued. A permanent solution is needed

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I like my yahoo toolbar more than fire fox at this point. Boo to Fire Fox and Yahoo.

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how do i get my yahoo tool bar back

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u r right there does need to be solution i dont understand why there hasnt been one worked out maybe firefox 44 shouldn t come out till there is a solution found or just keep trying

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Look at user reviews on this page, one of them said he/she has to downloaded each time he open firefox to get the toolbar which I have been doing.


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The Yahoo toolbar add-on becoming disabled in Firefox is a known issue that Mozilla and Yahoo are working on. The problem is related to the new add-on signing requirements that became mandatory in Firefox 43.

If the Yahoo toolbar keeps getting disabled because it could not be verified for use in Firefox, follow the instructions in the Add-on signing in Firefox article under Override add-on signing (advanced users): Go to the Firefox Configuration Editor (about:config page) and double-click on the xpinstall.signatures.required preference to toggle the setting to false. Important: Changing this preference will allow other unsigned add-ons to be used in Firefox 43. It's also only a temporary solution since it won't work in Firefox 44.

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Alice, you said you are moderator. I posted screen clip on prior post shown it is a "SIGNED" yahoo tool bar that keep getting disable. May be we keep having these problems b/c people at firefox are so clueless about what they are talking about. Scoobi doo confused user.

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Moderators in this forum don't work for Mozilla, they are unpaid volunteers and Firefox enthusiasts. The Administrators may work for Mozilla, but due to the holiday break they may not be around this forum much, if at all this week.

Please be patient while waiting for that issue to be fixed.

Of course it might not be a bad idea to not release a new version of Firefox only 10 days before Christmas in the future ...

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bidwar said

I posted screen clip on prior post shown it is a "SIGNED" yahoo tool bar that keep getting disable.

Yes, even though the Yahoo toolbar is signed, Firefox thinks it's not. Mark Schmidt, a Mozilla employee, wrote the following, which is the source of my reply:

In this case, the add-on is modifying itself in a way that renders its signature invalid. This means the add-on will only successful load and have its signature verified (typically) on the first install. Instructing users to re-install the signed add-on is not a fix, as the add-on will almost certainly be blocked again in the next browser session.

Ref: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/for.../711726 Yahoo Toolbar Addon Troubles

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Hi, please update to the latest version of Yahoo Toolbar ( which should now work!

Very sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

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Followup: The Yahoo toolbar add-on was updated on December 29, 2015. The latest version of the Yahoo toolbar fixes an issue that caused it to become disabled in Firefox 43.

If you changed the xpinstall.signatures.required preference to false in the Firefox Configuration Editor (about:config page) as a workaround for the Yahoo toolbar problem, you should reset the preference back to true (the default value).