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places.sqlite-shm suspicious file detected by Hitman Pro

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I am currently using Mozilla Firefox version 42.0 and as I do a virus scan with Hitman Pro it detects that the places.sqlite-shm is detecting as a suspicious file.

Could the Mozilla team please do a check on this.

And what extra steps should I do?

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Hello, an -shm sqlite file it is a shared-memory file. The shared-memory files is to provide a block of shared memory for use by multiple processes all accessing the same database in a specific mode.

The shared-memory file, when exists, is located in the same directory as the database file (places.sqlite) and has the same name as the database file except with the 4 characters "-shm" appended (places.sqlite-shm)

This kind of file only exist while firefox running(while it is open, active). If you close firefox the places.sqlite-shm not exist any more. Check it with your Hitman Pro. Probably nothing to worry about, it is a false alarm of your antivirus. :-) (btw, Hitman Pro said suspicious not malicious). :-) Again nothing to worry about.

thank you