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When I was checking performance issues, Firefox wiped out my cell phone and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.

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I clicked into the Developer on Firefox, then the web console, then the performance check. I thought it was finished and closed it out. When I left the room and came back in my cell phone information apparently had been deleted and Windows was not recognizing it. The phone was working fine before this so I don't know what happened.

I'm trying to figure out how to restore my phone.

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So, your problem is with Firefox for Android? Or is it Firefox for iOS?

Let us know and a Moderator / Admin can move this thread to the appropriate queue. There are separate queues for support for each of the three - Firefox for Desktop - Android - iOS.

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This is a Windows Smart Phone. It's Firefox for Desktop.

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Why do you think your problem with the Windows Smart Phone is related to Firefox?

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I was on Firefox trying to list to a music video. I clicked onto the Firefox Developer, then the web console, then the performance. When I was trying to check the performance, it apparently wiped out my cell phone that was plugged into the computer.

When I tried to use the phone, it wouldn't work. I thought it had just turned off but it's still not working.

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This sounds really bizarre. Isn't the Performance tab in Developer tools just a browser performance recorder and not a system check or stress test? Is there any way it can interact with a phone plugged in via USB if it's just a passive recorder?