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How make Firefox ask master password when a site with saved password is opened (same as Firefox for Android) and not on every startup? (maybe in about:config)

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Instead of showing a password dialog on every startup, I want to change the behavior to more like Firefox for Android where the password is asked only when a site with a password that has been saved in Firefox is opened (and only for the first site, it is remembered for all later instanced as long as Firefox is not closed).

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Set the Password Manager to not ask for the master unless it a password is needed.

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I don't see any such settings: http://ibin.co/2MacSy84ryIj

That's why I thought there might be one in about:config

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Are you using Sync?

The Sync version used in Firefox 34 and later uses the password manager to store the name (e-mail) and password to be used to connect to the Sync server.