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What is replacement for Better Privacy for FF ver 42.0 for Linux Mint

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Have used Better Privacy add-on for many years. Today installed Linux Mint ver 17.2 on a new cmptr and collected up-grades as normal. FireFox Ver 42.0 for Linux Mint auto-disabled Better Privacy as being "Not compatible" BUT - this Add-on runs OK on another machine which is using this ver of Linux Mint. How can I get Better Privacy to work with Linux Mint ver 17.2 OR - what is replacement for Better Privacy ?

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To -- LostGod -- [SOLVED] I thank you for your speedy reply but I fear you have misunderstood the problem. The Add-on "Better Privacy" specifically deals with LSOs, not normal trackers. In Linux, these are stored in a sub-directory of the hidden directory (dot)macromedia. These LSOs are commonly used by on-line gamers, etc. to hold their information between sessions. They are not removed by the FF setting of "Preferences > Privacy > Delete history on exit". So, I have Ad-block and Ghostery installed and these are still working OK and deal with the normal trackers. This problem seems to have arisen/been spotted later yesterday (UK time). This morning, I visited the Better Privacy web site and have found a note stating that they are aware of this problem and are working on a fix, so I've just got to be patient. I have marked this matter as "solved".

My thanks to you again for your attempted help. -- Best regards --