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I have a red box at the bottom of my inbox that says IMAP quota at 100%. Is there anything I need to do about that?

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I'm using Mozilla Firebird 38.3.0. I have a red box at the bottom of my inbox that says IMAP quota at 100%. Have I run out of memory resources or what? Is there anything I need to do about that?

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Is this just at that web site? Contact their support.

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Firefox doesn't do email, it's strictly a web browser.

If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service.

If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, let us know and we can move this thread to the Thunderbird queue. This question currently is in the Firefox queue for answers.

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That's the server quota. If you do not either move emails off server and/or delete a load of emails that you no longer need to store, the server will not be able to receive more mail.

Suggest you do the following: Make sure you have synchronised all of your subscribed folders to get a copy of your folders and emails in your thunderbird profile folder.

Then go into 'offline' mode to stop any synchronising whilst you are moving a load of emails to get them off the server.

Create suitable folders in 'Local Folders' account. Copy all older emails that you want to keep like an archive and put them in Local Folders account folders. check you can read those emails - they copied over ok. Then Delete the copies from the imap mail account.

If you use GMAIL: Please read info here:

Now you will only have a copy in Local Folders, so it would be wise to create a backup of profile at this point, just in case there is undetected corruption in any of your folders.

Then compact your folders - this will remove all traces of 'marked as deleted' emails and gain more space. File > Compact Folders

Go back into 'online' mode. The server will get updated.

The first backup was suggested as a precaution, just in case there was any corruption in any file before compacting. Now you have moved, deleted and compacted everything, you should now perform a final backup of the tidied profile and store it externally - just in case :) You can delete the first temp profile backup.

Additional info: How to synchronise all your folders to get a copy in thunderbird.

How to go into offline / online mode: Click on the two blue screen icon located bottom far left in Status Bar. It will change to a two black screen icon - this is 'offline' mode.

Click on the two black screen icon located bottom far left in Status Bar. It will change to a two blue screen icon - this is 'online' mode.

How to perform a backup: Manual backup of profile folder name: In Thunderbird

  • Help > Troubleshooting Information
  • click on 'show folder' button

a new window opens showing the 'Contents' of your 'Profile folder name'.

  • Close Thunderbird now - this is important.

The profile folder name is usually called 'xxxxxxxx.default' where the x's are letters and numbers.

  • Go up the directory so you can that folder, right click on folder and select copy.
  • Paste the folder to an external storage device or temporarilly to your desktop.

More info on backup options: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_backup

Backup tools: Mozbackup - backup profile - need to exit thunderbird first. http://kb.mozillazine.org/MozBackup

ImportExporttool - A really useful addon - can backup a profile, but also offers the choice of just backing up folders and you do not need to close thunderbird, but you should use offline mode.

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