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Stylish add-on. I was 'Write New Style', then tab/Fx went ballistic. Where is unsaved code located/stored? Ability to get it back?

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full system/setup/case info

The problem

I was trying to hack together some code in the Stylish editor changing the look of Firefox. I was using the Firefox built-in 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I' Inspector along doing this, not the DOM Inspector add-on. Then something happened!

I now have a totally blank page/Fx. I can right-click the page and go 'View Page Info', it says "about:blank" as the location.

In that window I can't do much or open any new tabs. Apart from the 'View Page Info' I also went Ctrl+N and got a new window. This window seems somewhat normal, though not everything works.

Thing is, I haven't closed and restarted the browser yet because I was quite happy with the code I had managed to produce. I'm wondering if there is a way to get it back without redoing all the steps and research.

I haven't restarted the browser yet as I'm not sure that Stylish/Fx will restore a tab with that code in it.

Can I somehow see all the currently custom rules being applied to Fx and then filter away the rules of saved userstyles and add-ons, to get the code I was working on?

Are there some temporary file where it's stored? Is it in RAM, how can I get to it?

Would be quite an interesting feat if this was accomplished. So there's a challenge for you ;)! Up for it? Accepted? Impossible?

Do you think Fx/Stylish restores the code if I restart Fx? Anything I can do before restarting to make it do so? Is there nothing I can do to save/rescue/get the code back?

Only option is restarting and trying/starting all over again?

Documentation and resources

Currently using Windows 8.1 64-bit Firefox Developer Edition 42.0a2 it's a Firefox Portable instance. So it's a Firefox 32-bit instance. about:buildconfig says:

Built from https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-aurora/rev/48cce9628816

At some point I was asked about E10s/Electrolysis and choose to turn it on.

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You've already posted on the site where you could get an authoritative response. However, I'll mention a few thoughts.

If you right-click the blank tab, is Undo Close Tab enabled and if so, does it do anything useful? Does the blank page have its Back button enabled (I don't recommend clicking it).

Perhaps it's a little late to mention that "Tree Style Tab" started causing bookmarking issues in Firefox 40. Not sure whether it is causing new issues in Firefox 42.

If you saved the rule, it should be on the Add-ons page. However, if you were still at the stage of using Preview in the Stylish editor, I'm not sure whether that rule is saved anywhere accessible.

If you think the rule still is being applied despite the window/tab disappearing, you may be able to find it by inspecting styles applicable to the element you were modifying. If that was browser chrome, I don't see how you can access it using the built-in Inspector. Has that been added in Firefox 42?

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@jscher2000 The whole window is white. Tab-bar is gone. Menu-bar gone. So, hard for me to access Undo Close Tab. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/gisJh I know Ctrl+B opens bookmarks sidebar - that works. Don't know any shortcut to Undo Close Tab. And whether it has been closed I don't know either. >Does the blank page have its Back button enabled (I don't recommend clicking it). Screenshot: https://imgur.com/joSHEbL Maybe it does. You see those those two back/forward buttons? I can hover them and hover selection marker appears. Wait actually they appears greyed out similar to 'View Background Image', so it appears the answer to >Does the blank page have its Back button enabled = No

>If you saved the rule [...] I haven't.

>[...] If that was browser chrome, I don't see how you can access it using the built-in Inspector. Has that been added in Firefox 42? As per this link in my original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/3i7lvl/where_did_the_hide_closetab_option_go_in/cuederu I would say yes you can access browser chrome using built-in Inspector. As said in the link it's just not turned on by default. Similar to fx the colorpicker and lots of other things. The Inspector and those tools appear pretty fancy nowadays. Don't know when it was added. But I can now to things with the built-in Inspector that it used to take the DOM Inspector add-on to do. Fx Inspect Fx chrome buttons, tabs, favicons, margins, paddings, colors, width/heights and so on. Very handy and like one commenter said in that link: >I've been using DOM inspector but this CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+I works way better. Thanks mate. Fx Inspectors design/layout it pretty neat and built-in code editor is also pretty cool. One can say it's somewhat of a well kept secret. I had maybe glanced/heard talk of it before, but the post in that link, giving concrete precise steps on how to enable it and use it + how coolit was, was what got me using it the first time.

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It's not full screen view, is it? The F11 key switches between regular and full screen views.

Edit: keyboard shortcut for Undo Close Tab is Ctrl+Shift+t

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Oh, remote debugging does that? That didn't sound like something I would need to know about when I saw it in the release notes. Thanks for the tip.

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It's not fullscreen view.

Lol. (I had thought about a Undo Close Tab list - missed your idea myself - anyway, - so of course I tried it now:) I tried pounding that Ctrl+Shift+T and 'flashing' began. Previous urls I've visited came on (9 as I can count). Example: https://imgur.com/a/HhKio Url in screenshot: http://portableapps.com/apps/graphics_pictures/picpick-portable

I can cycle between those 9 pages/"tabs" using fx Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Apart from those 9 pages/"tabs" when cycling I get the "white/blanked"...

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>remote debugging does that Yep.

>Thanks for the tip. Cheers mate.

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You can check the files in the sessionstore-backups folder to see if that has any data about those lost tabs.

You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

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Does that window respond to either of these sequences:

Alt+spacebar x (maximize)
Alt+spacebar r (restore)