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Almost every time i type an email address name: ie Trevor, the email goes to another person on my email list. Doesn't recognize Trevor, sends it to Bev D.

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When I type in an email address, your program doesn't know the alphabet. If I Type Trevor, Bev D comes up. What's up with that. Thunderbird does not know the alphabet. All names starting with T or Trevor should come up from my email addresses, not another consonant or vowel. How do you fix this? All my emails are going to the wrong people because Thunderbird has no idea who to send it to. Doesn't recognize the alphabet. Does everyone have this same terrible problem? If i want to send an email to Linda, another name, not starting with L comes up. If I type an email to Sharen, another name, not beginning with S comes up. What on earth? This is one lousy program. I need your help in solving this problem..... Thank you.

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the entry searches nicknames, display names and email addresses. If the string your typing is not in one of those I suggest you try holding the shift key while starting Thunderbird and continue in safe mode when prompted. Does it still have issues?