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I don't remember my thunderbird password and I've deleted it from tools-options-security-passwords. How can I set a new password?

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I entered tools-options-security-password - stored passwords, removed the password from there but after I set a new one I couldn't send new emails in thunderbird as it required me the old password. When sending a message, the status bar changes to 'sending login information' and after that it says that 'Login to server smtp.tc-bit.com failed.' What must I do if I've forgotten my password.

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You need to speak with whoever runs the smtp.tc-bit.com server and request a password reset from them.

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ok, Zenos, I'll hopefully be able to access my email with full options soon.

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All Thunderbird does is send the password that you entered in the settings or the password manager. It does not check to see if the password is correct. And, it does not change the password needed to access the server.

What you need is your old password.

If you remember the old password, you should be given an opportunity to enter the correct password after the error message. Or, you can re-enter the password into Thunderbird's Password Manager and try again. Or, you can go to your webmail and login using the old password.

If you cannot remember your last working password, go to your webmail login and look for a 'Forgot Password' link which will allow you to reset it, Failing that, you may have to contact your provider for help changing the password.

If you want, you should let TB save the new password after it's changed on the server. You can prevent any other user of your computer from getting access to your mail account if you enable the 'Master Password' feature of TB AND close TB after your session.

TB 38.2 Win10-PC