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How do I make the "New Bookmark" dialog box auto-fill the name and location of the current page?

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I like to add bookmarks by right-clicking on either the bookmark bar, or inside a bookmark folder and choosing "New Bookmark". This brings up a dialog box with various fields. In the past, the title and location fields were auto-filled using the title and location info from the active page/tab. Now, however, all of the fields are empty, making it practically impossible to use. How do I bring this functionality back?

I'm running Firefox 40.0.2 for Windows, and I have the Classic Theme Restorer extension installed. I've already looked at all of the Classic Theme Restorer options, and didn't see anything that would change/conflict with the add bookmark behavior.

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You can click the star on the Navigation Toolbar once to bookmark the current tab and click the star another time to edit its properties. You can use "Bookmark This Page" in the right-click context menu of the web page to immediately get the dialog.

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Thanks for the response, but this doesn't really answer my question or solve the problem. I knew about this functionality, but it doesn't achieve what I'm looking for. The problem is that double-clicking the star doesn't give any information to Firefox about where I want to store the bookmark. I know it's only one extra step to choose the location from within the bookmark options dialog, but its a step that is eliminated by using the context menu.

I like to first navigate to the the folder location where I want the bookmark kept, as this allows me to see other bookmarks in the folder. Then I right click, choose new bookmark, and have the name, location, and folder fields already complete. It's been a while since I used Firefox, but this was how it used to work, and it seems that this should be the default behavior for the "Add Bookmark" dialog.

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Great. This does the job.

Kind of sad though that an add-on has to do this, when this kind of functionality is built in to all of the other major browsers.