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I don't want my e-mails to be deleted unless I decide to do so. Where is the control?

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Every month, I find that all the earlier e-mails have been deleted.

They are not in Archives, or Trash, either.

So I am losing quite a lot of messages which I want to keep.

What controls exist so that I can tell Thunderbird when I want to delete something, and not have it happen whether I want a deletion or not? And WHY is this basic information so impossible to find on any of the pages?

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Where were they before they were deleted? I mean, in which folder(s)?

Does the affected account use IMAP? Any danger that your email provider is unhelpfully doing this for you?

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In the Inbox

Also, the Trash folder is emptied even more often - at the moment, the oldest item there is dated 4th July.

How can it be controlled?

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It would be helpful to state if you use POP or IMAP for an accurate answer. This article covers both. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Message_aging

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I seem to be on Imap.

I can get as far as Tools -- Options, or Tools -- Account settings, but then what?

The article you quoted does not take you any further, and there seems to be no mention (let alone controls) for limiting this automatic delete.

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When I read the article it seems to give the complete path to the retention settings.

Tools -> Account Settings -> [account name] -> Synchronization & Storage -> "Disk Space" if its a IMAP account.

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Ah! Synchronisation - not a term I am familiar with in the context of geekdom. And I still do not know what it means, but if it means 'keep for the period of xxx years,' then I think I am there. I have not seen any control over 'Disc space,' however. The article, which I printed off, stops at 'Account settings.'

Your help has been most useful. I was somewhat reluctant to blunder on further without knowing what these controls were meant to do.

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It helps to know the difference between POP and IMAP. The two email protocols work entirely different.

It might help you to create folders under Local Folders in Thunderbird and sort the keeper emails into those folders. Then you will have local copies on your computer that are not subject to any deletion rules of your providers server.