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How to move 'Recently' and 'Unsorted' bookmarks out of left sidebar to centre pane, and retain all existing bookmarks in the left sidebar?

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Please see and continue with /questions/1069300 ~J99

I asked a similar question last week, and thank those who replied - but nothing has worked. 'Recently' and 'Unsorted' bookmarks are still in the left sidebar along with my bookmark folders. I am unable to drag 'recent' and 'unsorted' bookmarks into my 'permanent' folders in the left sidebar when they are are all in the left sidebar together. The 'recent' and 'unsorted' bookmarks should be in the centre-pane of the screen, where they always were. I don't know why this happened but it has been endless frustration. I thought of doing a 'restore Firefox Defaults' but don't want to risk losing my existing bookmarks. Any further help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi dogYot Sorry for the inconvenience, but could I ask you to continue with the first thread /questions/1069300#answer-748727 please.