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Library - Bookmarks freezing for a several seconds

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First off a disclosure. My Bookmarks folder (including History) is about 5-9 MB, depending on type/format (more on that later), with thousands of entries.

After updating to v 38.0.5, I noticed that every time I cut and paste a bookmark, the library freezes for 10-2 seconds and CPU jumps to 50%. Any idea what might be causing this? I didn't experience this problem before with v 31.

Also, about backing up (this can be a separate question). When should one use "back up" to a JSON file vs. export to HTML? For FF purposes both would work the same, no? Also, if I am logged in (synced), I assume my Bookmarks and History will update automatically any time I update FF or delete/update my Profile? In other words, I'm assuming it works like Chrome. Please confirm.

Thank you.

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You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database file in the Firefox profile folder.

Automatically created JSON backups have a .jsonlz4 file extension to distinguish them from uncompressed backups that have the .json file extension. You can still create a normal uncompressed JSON backup manually in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) as the compressed jsonlz4 format is only used for automated backups.

Restoring a JSON backup will replace all current bookmarks with the bookmarks in the JSON backup (you get a warning about that). Importing bookmarks from an HTML file merges imported bookmarks with already existing bookmarks, so you may need to remove duplicates. An HTML backup doesn't support tags and annotations, so if you want to preserve those then you need to use a JSON backup.You can't import a JSON backup to merge bookmarks with existing bookmarks.