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I want to recover the data of a previous date on my sync account

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I was using firefox sync on my mac and with the last Firefox version. My hard disk crashed and long story short I had to install a new hard disk and start over.

I install back firefox and when I logged in my Sync account, I had to reset my password ( I am almost sure I was trying the right password). Anyway, I succeed to log in but there was no data sync and I lost all my history and bookmark.

Is there a way to see history of the data in firefox sync and decide with which on I want to synchronise?

Thanks in advance

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Sorry, when you reset the Password for your Sync account the data on the server was wiped. No data backups are saved.

The Sync Password is part the the "key" by which your data is encrypted. With the correct, unchanged Password that data can't be decrypted when it returns to one of your connected devices - it's useless with a different Password.

And there is no user web access to Sync data except thru Firefox. About all you can when logging into Firefox Accounts on the web is data statistics as to how much data in Kb/Mb is there.

What about other devices that were connected to that Sync account? Is your data still there on another device?