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my library of download info has disappeared how do i get it back?

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after a crash of mozilla the library info on downloads was gone. prev it had listed all my downloads since july 2014. this is an important function for me. today it is simply gone. what happened? can i get it back? thanks

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Are you saying the library page is gone, or the data in it?

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The download history is part of the browsing history and stared in the places.sqlite file.

Did you lose all your history or only the download history?

Did you lose other personal data in the Firefox profile folder?

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i only lost the download the rest of the history is still there. as far as i know i did not lose any other personal data in the Firefox profile folder.

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That is weird. This would normally only happen if you click the clear downloads button the the Downloads Manager (Library). All other ways to clear history would include the browsing and download history.

Are you sure that no one else didn't clear the downloads if you didn't do this yourself?

The downloads as shown in the Download Manager and in the Downloads folder in the Library are part of the history and thus stored in the places.sqlite just like other history items, but are marked as downloads via a specific annotation. The Downloads folder in the Library is part of the History, so if you clear history or otherwise do not keep history then corresponding items are removed from the Downloads folder and vice versa if you remove entries in the Downloads folder then they will no longer appear in the history.

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thank you for explaining. but no one has used my browser except me. and i wouldn't clear the downloads. it happened after firefox crashed. admittedly i do a lot of downloads but it was fine until this crash